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I have been trading the stock market for over 19 years now and I know one thing for certain, it is extremely difficult to predict the future movements of the stock market. It is much easier to follow the intermediate trends of the stock market then to predict it. The direction of the stock market is determined by the billions of dollars invested by hedge funds and mutual funds and I believe the best we can do is follow the intermediate trend when it begins, and to get out when it ends. My system therefore, is a trend following system and never tries to predict which way the market will move in the short term. The direction of the trend , up or down, is irrelevant to me and the reason for the trend, whether it's because of good news or bad news, is irrelevant. My only desire is to be in the market when the trend is up and out of the market when the trend is down. I have created a purely mechanical system to identify when these intermediate trends begin and end.

My system is very easy to use, and very low risk. In fact, if you had traded my signals from March '03 till now, you would have been in cash for over 4 years of the last 13 years, and still made over 9% per year on the un-leveraged trades and more than 12% per year for the leveraged trades. With only about 4 trades per year, it is not intended for day traders but for conservative traders that want to beat “buy and hold”, but don't have the time to watch the stock market on a daily basis. In 18 years of trading, I have learned that the stock market spends more time in bull markets then it does in bear markets, so I believe using some leverage during a “buy” signal, takes advantage of the predominant time spent in a bull market. On the other hand, I have found it much harder and riskier to make money during a “sell” signal due to the fact the stock market spends much less time in a downtrend then an uptrend. I recommend keeping your money in “cash”, safe and out of harms way during a “sell” signal, and to sit back and relax, and wait for the next “buy” signal.

Are you tired of paying your financial advisor or your stock broker fees and commissions, even when you lose thousands of dollars? If you are, then follow my system, and take control of your financial future. Why pay someone else for something you can do for free!! Don’t let your stock broker or financial adviser tell you that “buy and hold” is the only way to make money in the stock market. They collect fees and commisions from you whether you lose money or make money. I hope this service benefits you and helps you make money for yourself and your family. If you would like to Subscribe to this site and receive my 'Buy' and 'Cash' signals, then please visit the 'FAQs' page. If you have any comments at all regarding this site, please send me an email at and let me know. If you know anyone that can benefit from this information, then please pass it on. Thank you!



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